Май 21 2012

Spotlight started more 40 years ago as a local manufacturer of fixtures for the disco and amateur theatre markets, but thanks to the continuous working in the internal department of Research & Development, they have not only increased the range, but improved the technology and the quality of the products to reach the actual position for professional users in the theatres all over the world.

With its 40 years experience in professional lighting for the performing arts, Spotlight are proud to offer their customers not only a wide range of products, but solutions of their problems with an efficient service, in a modern and flexible structure and the Company can include the most important theatres in Italy and in the world – as “La Scala” theatre in Milan or “Bolshoi” of Moscow — amongst their customers as well as abroad where the market share is consistently increasing thanks to the well structured distributor network in all four corners of the globe. Moreover, Spotlight provides his technology to the most important television networks.

Spotlight, well aware of the potential of light in matching functional and aesthetic qualities hence,

have chosen to extend their professional experience into the Architectural Lighting sector and are able to provide architectural lighting solutions combining advanced technology with aesthetic

design. The architectural range — comprising of a series of luminaries combining high technology with the purest lines of current design — is projected to showrooms, museums, exhibitions, hotels, pubs, fairies etc.

Spotlight — thanks to authorized and exclusive distribution agreements and partnership — is a major distributor of prestigious brands that integrate with its manufactured products to offer complete lighting systems for the Entertainment Industry.

The wide product range is composed by automated and conventional lights, led, digital lighting, software for the video editing, media servers, lighting dimmers and consoles, lenses, colour changers, suspensions and supports, clamps, trusses, platforms etc.