Май 21 2012

The head people of the company have worked since year 1991 by development of the electronic equipment for lighting devices with many successful products which are still in use. The main of attributes for all products are high quality and reliability.

The activity of head people leaded to foundation of the company Leader Light in year 1994.

Leader Light provide the production of spotlights and washlights, and also the development of electronic devices for professional customers, and their use in architecture.

Since year 2002 has changed the production from customer to serial, with respect to high quality and reliability.

The residence of LEADER LIGHT is situated in heart of region named Spis — with metropolis Spisska Nova Ves. Cultural relics of early civilizations, national parks and the biggest mountains are characteristic for this part of Slovakia.

Whole LEADER LIGHT production, manufacturing field and direct entry into this field, is situated on the main road beetween Spisska Nova Ves – Roznava (M. Gorkeho 33).

Leader Light